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Well thought it be about time to change the journal.

Not much has happened since the last time i wrote really, have been sick a few times with colds and fevers and been doodling between them as i always do. Had nephews over a few days ago, Ville has already gotten so big.He army crawls through the entire apartment when he is going somewhere and it looks so cute x3

Lost my last guinea pig although it was a few months ago, would like to get a new pet but cant because of my big sisters husband and her son's who are all heavy allergic's. You name it and martin probably got it, im still rather stunned by the amount of allergies that man has xD

Around at the current home, me and my folks and middle sister are not liking it very much.There has been talk about moving again, but we shall see if it happens. Been moving so much since i was a kid that im beginning to loose count of every time we have moved south and back up north and then ending back in the middle of sweden again.PErsonally id like to go back to our old house if it was possible but it isn't, since its sold.

I bleeding hate living in towns and small villages, far to much noise. I want peace and quiet out on the country minus drunken next door folks and loud dance band music.Miss the smell of the sea the most, if i actually had a job i would save up to buy what ever i could get my hands on to live by water again.

Well i guess that's something about whats happened so far, other then that im just painting like usual.Bit bored though since i struggle with ideas.I don't mind hearing suggestions if you want to offer one or two.Or are you lot just fine with what ever i squeeze out?


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Well name's jonna, as you see i like to draw a lot of trolls, both nsfw but of course censored for timid and delicate eyes. And safe themed troll pictures. Am very passionate about them but am not a fanatic nutter like some others i could mention around here.But guess thats really for you to judge and find out as i keep on painting.

Though Id like all who come by to actually be nice and honest with me, i dont like dodgy replies or questions. be straight forward and dont answer me in roundabout way since it just gets my autism worked up.

Also constructive and nice critiques are appreciated, i react to tones so try to write nice but still make your point clear.Also if you like something or think something looks odd explain to me why. What is it you like when you look at the picture, what is it you dislike. i cant get better or know if im improving or not by being given constant " polite silence " sure i appreciate all the favorites if i get any but it doesn't help me or tell me what i should work on to improve. Anatomy is always a big issue for me and trees, but if you think you can help, talk to me i dont bite unless you're being awfully rude.

Well that's all, hope you enjoy your visit :)

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AkriaWanika Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Student General Artist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MON!:la: choir Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D 
And a wonderful day! >u<
Hirakita Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Awww thank you :heart: that made me smile :heart:  hope you have a good day too mon :D
AkriaWanika Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Student General Artist
Frozen - HUG! >u<
Hirakita Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
:tighthug:  :heart:
(1 Reply)
Peter-The-Knotter Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter

hehe! Jonna!, now I see your lov<3ly trolls!  I got a special troll drawing from Alina as a pressie! with one of my necklaces drawn on her...   I think I'm gonna go on the elder scrolls online when it starts in april, looks like a really good environment.. and I like the idea of a single megaserver so everyone is in the same ball-park... OK, better get back to work, see you later, let me know when you get cat, we used to have a Siamese, a ginger tom, a Russian blue and a slightly dishevelled tabby...


cheers! Peter.

Hirakita Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
hello peter :3

i remember that one actually, she was dancing and swirling around on one foot with a feathery maracas wasn't she? also she had some of the necklaces and a belt i think you had in the gallery? i thought it was awesome when i first laid eyes on it, alina had and probably has still loads of talent and could improve even more if she ever decided to start painting again :3 but that is a big if cause im wishing her the best in what she does now :3

Hope elder scroll will be worth your money then mate, i heard from some pals it looks like utter crap but then again taste in things differ amongst everyone, and i hope you will enjoy it :3
I will, hopefully when i can move out im gonna see if i can get a calico, but a dream cat would be to have a russian blue :D

Take care peter :3
Peter-The-Knotter Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter

The Print is on my wall...  btw: If you know how to contact her, could you wish her well,  (and much luck for whatever she's into now), for me also? thx!!

@ taste: yeah I know what you mean, I've heard many say WoW is absolute rubbish....!

cat: Russian blues are incredible, their coat colour, fluffiness factor and way of being cannot be transmitted by a picture... hope you get one, (crosses fingers)


OK, see you later! ...gotta "final edit" my card game, should be finished (other than printing, bookbinding the rules and story and boxing the whole project as a presentation set) in 2-3 weeks at the very most!, yaaay!


Have a good one sweetie... Peter.

Hirakita Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
wicked i saved the drawings she made for me too :3

yup if i can find her email again i will send her your greeting and well wishes too, that's a promise ;)

Taste: Sometimes it is with all the whiney kids tbh, but also there are plenty of baby like adults about xD i kinda like the areas and quests in game but im not so keen on guilds or raids. i do raids on occation but never expect any nice people or any help when you go there, people there are only capable of being rude gits. which is truely sad. and sad part also is i think there will be a bit the same even in elders scroll : S

Cat: hehe now iw ant one even more from hearing that description x3 i can only hope, they are an expensive breed and my income ain't that great sadly :( but i could always save of course, though i would be just as over the moon if i could find a calico :D

okidoki good luck on that, hope it will be finished soon :3 will take a look if you post pictures of it online when its finished too :3

Have a good one peter :3
(1 Reply)
Bluemead Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
You're a WoW fan? Me too! If you have the time, maybe you'd like to check out my huge collection of WoW scenery, thank you:hug:
NiceButDemonic Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Merry Christmas! All best wishes to you and to you're family!  :rudolph:
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